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Brief History

Thrive Church has an amazing story of God’s blessings. Our roots go back to 1932 when a new church was born, called Klamath Falls Assembly of God Church. On June 12, 1942 we became a cooperative fellowship with the General Council of the Assemblies of God. Original church was located on Oak Street in the downtown area before building a new church in 1963 at this location. There were two other building projects that took place: the chapel now known as the Garden Room and other rooms were built in 1968. The gym building and rooms built in 1973. In March 2018, to better align ourselves with the direction and vision of the Holy Spirit, we started doing business as (DBA) Thrive Church.

We are once again beginning to see new ministries, new opportunities, and many new faces in the family. It is our desire to keep growing, keep reaching out, and keep seeing God do amazing things.

The mission of Thrive Church is to present the message of God (The Good News) and to demonstrate the love of God to others. We have had our good times and struggles through the years.  But it is with great anticipation, determination, and the power of the Holy Spirit that we believe our best days are truly ahead of us. The one key to the amazing story at Thrive Church is the people who are willing to give of themselves to reach people and God’s leading. Our church is amazingly blessed with volunteers who serve in unity. We truly value the Spirit of unity in all we do.


Here at Thrive Church, we are driven by this vision: to Pursue God, Connect with others, and Impact our World.


We believe that man has fallen. Christ Jesus came, died, and rose again for our salvation. We believe that healing is for today and that Jesus is coming back. He baptizes us with the Holy Spirit and holy lives are still required. For a complete statement of faith, click here.

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We believe that there should be a freedom of expression in our worship. You will often see individuals standing, lifting up their hands, vocalizing praise and adoration to our heavenly Father, His only begotten Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Our music is mostly modern.

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